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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to Write and Outstanding Resume

Thousands of people are out searching for jobs and revising their resume. Their number one question is how do I make my resume stand out? Human resource staffs are overwhelmed with the resumes that are piling up on their desk. Did you know that some companies use computers to identify candidates? It’s whole new world and every resume needs its own unique selling proposition.

So first just get started. Some people put off getting started on their resume because they don’t know where to begin. I recommend that you brainstorm a list of all of your success stories. Write down all of the things that you can quantify. For example you managed 10 projects that saved the company money or you made sales person of the month by selling 10,000 units of a new product or you increased customer satisfaction by 10 percent. You may want to involve others in your brainstorming session. Sometimes hearing the accomplishments of others can bring out things that you did not consider. You want all of your facts to be accurate and clear when you write down facts to include on your resume.

Most companies are assessing the bottom line of their budget. They need to show a profit. They want to know how much money you can save them. This is the time to express confidence in how much value you will add to a new company. This will require some research of your past to accurately include ways that you have saved your company money. This will be well worth the investment of your time. It will be beneficial during your job interview to know facts about your contributions to prior companies. Also, you can maximize your visibility by submitting your resume to employment websites.

Demonstrate how you’ve been a resource for positive changes in your company. Maybe you’ve created a new procedure. Make your resume stand out by focusing on the content. Did you write a proposal that won $300,000 to implement a new innovative program? Think about the number of new relationships and partnerships that you’ve cultivated. Today companies must move fast to keep up with changing trends in customers purchases and services that they require. Companies want employees who are sensitive to customer’s needs and innovative in their thought process.

Creating a resume can also cause you to think about what you want to do in your next company. It is another opportunity to look at your skills and compare it to several industries. After you review your resume think about your transferable skills and what you want to do. If you’ve been working in corporate America maybe you should consider working for the government or a non-profit like a university. Take the time to research different types of companies. The health industry has a broad range of jobs.

So make your resume unique by spending time assessing all of your gifts and talents. Be ready to take the next step in your career. Your resume will tell a story about where you have been and where you are headed. You can’t afford to wait because your next job is closer than you think.

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