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Saturday, February 28, 2009

President Obama Drama Must Stop

On the night the President Obama was elected we witnessed the largest rainbow of all ethnic backgrounds and races come together for the joyous occasion. On that night President Obama talked about how we have come far but we must continue to fight for the survival of our country. So I ask why all of the President Obama drama this week. President Obama has spent much of the past year and a half campaigning and talking about how we must come together.

The depiction of the chimpanzee in the New York Post article helps all of us around the United States to never forget that there are elements of society who do not care for change. We turn our attention to the New York Post drama because it attempts to open old wounds that had begun to heal in our country. We are in a struggle for this country and we must not turn back to the chapters that reflected the poor judgment of those who set barriers based on ones race.

We all can rise together and aspire to be greater than those who attempt to portray President Obama in any other way than the esteem that he deserves. This is not a time for the distractions from the important national and global issues that the President must address. Let’s pray that President Obama will have wisdom to make the right decisions. The challenges that our country faces will require determination.

The New York Post got the attention of individuals all over the country. The chimpanzee picture spreed through the internet at warp speed. The American people were inspired to respond. People were inspired to do something about it. They sent the picture to their e-mail list and asking everyone to respond to the New York Post article. Whether you are a democrat or republican we must respond against racism in all of its forms. The persistence of racial issues only creates a canyon where there should be unity.

It is time for our society to grow up and face the reality of a country that is more diverse that it has ever been. For too long we have focused on ourselves rather than the needs of others. President Obama talks about all people coming together and making sacrifices because he knows what it will take to make this country great again. Once during the campaign President Obama was accused of being an eloquent only. Some said he was all words and no action. The coming weeks will prove that he knows when action is required. He will confidently continue to address the issues that divide this country

This will not be the last time that President Obama is portrayed in a way that is below his place in history. Let’s continue to take these threats seriously and respond with vigor. This country deserves the best. It is time to demonstrate that the people who have elected President Obama did not come together in vain. It has been a coalition of people who have determined that value can be found in all people. It’s time to come together and put an end to racism.

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