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Sunday, April 5, 2009

To Twitter or Not to Twitter

A few months ago I read an article about social networks and Twitter was a frequent topic. I had already joined at least five social networks. Why should I add one more? At first I tried to ignore the different articles that mentioned Twitter but then I decided to take a look to see what it’s all about.

I started out by following a few friends for a few weeks but then it made no sense so I went back to Facebook. I found that I had many friends on Facebook and Linkedin so I figured I would commit more time to find out about these powerful social networks. Each social network seems to have its own niche. It’s fun to see updated pictures and share the latest events in the participant’s lives. Some social networks help people to make business connections.

After reading a few more detailed Twitter articles, I decided to go back on the web to check it out. The light bulb went on in my head about the power of the Twitter community. I could follow people and they could follow me. I learned to share information while using 140 characters. My focus has been to provide education information to my followers and all who may be interested. There are many sincere people who list their website URL’s and reply to people who are seeking information.

Twitter has bought out my creativity. I try to share a unique quote every day. Sending out a word of encouragement plants seeds of healthy living throughout the Twitter network. You can also use Twitter Chat to reach groups of people who are rapidly communicating their thoughts. After you enter the website submits a topic that interests you to see if people are communicating their thoughts. While learning many things on Twitter you will have to be persistent but their always seems to be a benefit.

Twitter offers an opportunity for you to share your best rated websites. You can find out all kinds of information from people who are sharing their websites. The 140 characters also allows for a brief description of different URLs. Be ready to find good information when you least expect it. You will receive replies from people who are thankful that you are following them.

Twitter has a unique way of involving the We Generation. Sometimes Twitter gets over capacity because there are so many people using it at the same time. Even legislators have gotten into the act. They are sharing their opinions with their followers while they are making decisions on government policies. It is an opportunity to get instant feedback on a particular policy.

Now it is clear to me that following Twitter is worth the investment of my time. I Twitter every day two to three times a day. Rapid changes due to technology advances require people who can communicate swiftly. I have found a new network home in Twitter. You can find all of the wonderful twists and turns that make people unique. On Twitter your thoughts will become an extension of your reality.

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